4 Seasons printable

I'm always on the lookout for new printables to add to our bank of learning resources at home and often search Pinterest for specific topics we're interested in. I really like ones with real photographs and have a few of these saved on my various Pinterest boards as well as printed out to use with… Continue reading 4 Seasons printable


Baby bee

I’ve been very quiet on here for the past while and the reason is because we welcomed a brand new baby Bee to our clan! I was so tired and sore the last few months of pregnancy and tried to do as little as possible! But at the end of January we finally got to…… Continue reading Baby bee

10 little pumpkins printable

I spoke in a previous post about the importance of early numeracy for children and how it builds a  foundation for learning later in primary school. I try to incorporate numbers and counting in everyday things we do, such as counting the steps when going up and down, looking for numbers when we’re out and about…… Continue reading 10 little pumpkins printable